Amidst the rise of globalization, immigration is one of the highly focused subjects throughout countries around the globe. Mohsen Bizar, the founder of Abstract Frame, who is an immigrant to the United States, believes it as his responsibility to share his experience, culture, and knowledge through the use of technology. Virtual Reality is a great tool to bring cultures together in an immersive and entertaining method.
Nowruz Virtual Reality museum experience is an excellent example of the use of technology in service to the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.


Hossein Sheikh (1900-1991) painting of Haft Seen spread circa 1935, Iran Museum of Anthropology in Tehran, Arg Square, Golestan palace, Abyaz Hall.  Hossein Sheikh was a close student to Iranian master Kamalolmolk (1848-1940)

Museums are an excellent tool for educating people with history and culture. Using fast-growing Virtual Reality technology, Abstract Frame has been able to give the museum-goers an immersive experience to go back in time and become familiar with Nowruz! Nowruz is the celebration of the spring equinox, which is highly prevalent in the middle east and Asianic region.

This experience will be a revolutionary idea in museum experience and will take the user another step closer to travel in time and get to view history in person.