About US

We are a team of proud immigrants who has worked in the Film, Commercial and TV industry for the past 15 years. Our desire to explore how Technology could contribute a greater value to the general population as a whole, rather than just pure entertainment has given us the opportunity to create a new bridge between technology, Art, History and Education. Recognizing the love of art and history we wondered what it would be like to use our skills to create an interactive experience that would allow the consumer to experience History and Art on a personal level and with that, Abstract Frame was born.

Our Mission

We are driven with a desire to provide inspirational and educational content on history and art through our passionate Animation, VFX and VR productions.

Meet The Team


Mohsen Bizar

CEO and Founder

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Mohsen Bizar is a senior 3D Artist experienced in all aspects of VFX production. He's been holding different positions on many shows allowing him to be familiar with different pipelines. He has also worked with many renowned studios such as Scanline VFX, Fuse FX, Uncharted Territory, Blur, Pixomondo, and Mirada for projects such as Tomb Raider, Justice League, Lost in Space season 2, Independence Day 2, etc. Mohsen is highly passionate about using Technology to serve Art, History, and Education.


Yafes Shahin

 Technical Director

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Yafes Sahin is a Visual Effects Technical Director with multidisciplinary skills that expands from Effects/ Pipeline Development and Virtual Production. He worked at Sony Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studio and Dneg where he worked on many blockbusters such as Spiderman/Moana/Pacific Rim/Wonder Woman, etc. He is a creative developer, who combines Art with Technology.